LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS for our 2024 New Year’s Event お正月のボランティア募集

November 27, 2023




We are looking for volunteer for New Year’s event at Little Tokyo.

This is a RARE opportunity to learn about Shinto.
If you want to be a Miko or a priest’s assistant, 
you MUST come and participate in our volunteer opportunities.
You will learn a lot about Shinto and its activities!
Experience is the key to learning about Shinto.
Participating is much better than reading or searching the internet. 

Volunteering to experience it in person is better than searching at home! 

And it is good for college applications! (We can sign the community work credit paper)

Please apply here to volunteer.

Dec. 31st: 2pm to 4pm for warehouse loading at Shrine’s storage room (Los Angeles, CA 90034. Near by Metro’s Culver City Station)

Jan. 1st: 8am to 12 noon for Shrine booth set up and running booth (participating Saitan-san) at Little Tokyo

Jan. 1st: 12 noon to 4pm for running Shrine booth (observing Tsukinami-sai) at Little Tokyo

Jan. 1st: 4pm to 6pm for packing up and loading at Little Tokyo

Jan. 1st: 6:30pm to 7:30pm at Shrine’s storage room (Los Angeles, CA 90034. Near by Metro’s Culver City Station)

Lunch will be provided only for all day volunteers.

Volunteering will increase your knowledge of Shinto and contribute to having a stronger bond with Kami-sama. Plus it is good for school credit! 

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