New Date!! 東日本大震災・能登地震慰霊祭 Irei-sai for the Great East Earthquake and Tsunami & Noto Earthquake

April 24, 2024

Please join with us to pray to bring peace to the spirits of the victims and families who lost loved ones in 2011’s Great East Earthquake and Tsunami in Tōhoku and 2024’s Noto Earthquake .

We will hold its Shinto Memorial Ceremony, Irei-sai, on April 27th, 7 pm (Pacific).

The ceremony will be streamed on Youtube here

We will have a special closing talk delivered by a guest speaker after the ceremony which is open to the public.
Jileel Mcdaniels, a former on-site volunteer of the Shrine, who is currently assigned JET program in Fukushima Japan will speak about his view of how Shinto has influenced Japanese people’s lives during this disaster.

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