Miko (Shrine Maiden) and Setup/Administrative Volunteer Opportunity

October 10, 2021

 On Saturday, November 13th 2021, we will hold our Aki-matsuri and Shichigosan ceremonies. We have an opportunity for Miko (shrine maiden) and setup/administrative volunteers!
Volunteer Miko will be requested to wear a Miko‘s outfit (to be provided by the shrine) and assist the priest.

 Setup and administrative volunteers will be requested to set up for the ceremony including altar and take down afterward, and to do miscellaneous tasks.

Our shrine is an accredited nonprofit organization, so this can be counted as community work at your school!

 This is your chance to learn about traditional Japanese culture!

Please contact us to apply.

When: Minimum 4 hour shifts between 8AM and 6PM, November 13th, 2021

Where: Miyako Hybrid Hotel (21381 S. Western Ave., Torrance CA 90501)

Wanted: 1 Miko (shrine maiden), 3 setup/administrative volunteers

Age requirement: Volunteers must be a minimum of 11 years old. There is no upper age limit for volunteers.

Dress code for volunteers: Miko volunteers must be able to wear the Miko‘s outfit. Setup and administrative volunteers may wear our red happi. We request that you wear closed toed shoes and avoid shorts, as you will be participating in the ceremony.

Apply or inquire on the contact us page!


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