Shimekazari and Shimenawa are available! 注連飾り、しめ縄、手作り注連飾りキットあります

December 12, 2020
Let’s get ready to welcome Toshigami-sama!!
Shimekazari & Shimezakari DIY set
is available.

Pre-made Shimekazari, Shimakazari DIY set, and Shimenawa are available.
Those are all limited numbers. First come first served!!! HURRY!

We are excited to announce that we have some extra special shimekazari (注連飾り) and shimenawa (注連縄) in stock!  

Shimekazari — you hang at the entrance of your home, office, shop/store to welcome Toshigami-sama (new yea’s Kami-sama) who brings good fortune in the new year.

Shimenawa —  you hang it near your kamidana to make sacred place.

Our shimenawa are handmade from Matsue’s master artisans. They come from the Izumo region, which is famous for its giant shimenawa which you have seen at Izumo Taisha. This craft is still very popular there. It is very difficult to source shimekazari and shimenawa outside of Japan, and we only have one of each of these precious items currently in stock, so they are very rare indeed!

We also offer a new DIY shimekazari making kit! It includes all the necessary materials and instructions to make one shimekazari. You can make one for yourself or together with your family to deepen the bonds of your relationships. 
After you learn to make shimekazari, you can go next step which is making shimenawa. Making shimenawa requires more skill than shimekazari.

Shipping and handling fees are not included. At this time, we can only ship within the United States.

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